Hey, I was wondering what are some good sites (or stores) to buy electric guitar kits? I want to make a guitar for a school project and was wondering which companies produce quality kits. I also want to design the body's art myself, so that should be unfinished.

thanks for your help, and yes, I tried to search for this but It came up with too many results to sift through.

Also, any review sites that review this type of thing would be fantastic.

And, btw, I know i'm a noob
Check out saga musical instruments. They have some NICE kits in the strat, prs, lp, and tele styles.
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you going for quality? or cost effectiveness?

you cant go wrong with charvel, grizzley, warmoth, etc. but they can get pricey depening on what you want.

if you want to get the cheaper substitution. www.onlineguitar.com they have a Strat style guitar kit from saga for 79 bucks, you will most likely want to scrap some stuff in that kit i hear, just depends if you want this thing to be your dream guitar or not.
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