I was wondering if there is a program that will open a mp3 and tell you the notes being played? even if its not acurate...i just need something that can sorta help me get in the right direction.

open up a megadeath song
in the program

it takes a bit to load, then it gives how what chords are being played etc...i was gonna buy this prog at guitar center, that the guy said did this, but dont know the name of it, and was he bull-shi**n me?

anyhelp would be appreciated
No, there is a program that does this. But I've forgotten what it's called. There's one you can download off the internet (costs about £20) and it can load up songs, tell you the chords, melodies etc.
thanks man, but ya you should try and find that name for me ahaha. or do you k now what i could google to maybe get a little bit of results?

like mp3 to tab software?etc