Ok I bought this amp back in the summer of '06. I practice with the band using this once or twice a week and played our very first show last week. Haven't had any problems with it. This week I decide to bring it here to my apartment in San Jose, which is about an hour drive away from San Francisco, which is where I've always had the amp. So today I plugged in the amp, and flip the power switch on, but the light doesn't come up. I tried different outlets around, even the one my roommate's keyboard amp was using, but still didn't work. I didn't really look into the problem that long, could be something simple I overlooked, but maybe someone here have any ideas of what is wrong with it. Thanks.
did you have a look at the fuse?

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Hit any hard bumps while moving it? Check the fuses though, thats usually the problem if the light doesnt come on an amp that was just working fine.
what should I check for in terms of the fuses? and what can be done about it?
wow i look at where it says 'fuse' right next to the main power input, and i do not see any kinda of fuse whatsoever, like the one pictured, just a hole. i am assuming it fell out or something? i guess the thing to do is to get a new one. thanks for the help.
Its possible that it fell out. The fuse covers on my JCM900 come off very easily, so...

But dont just go get any ol' fuse that fits in the hole. Check your manual to see exactly what caliber of fuse you need.
understood, thanks. so i could get this at about any guitar shop? and of course hardware shop?

it says fuse f3a on the back, does f3a mean anything? i looked at the manual, doesn't really say anything about the fuse.

oh yeah, what is the best position to put the amp when transporting it. upright, on its back, etc?
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