Hi everyone!
i just bought the recent issue of Guitar One-you know the one with a small pic of Clapton on the cover and the cd-rom with videos of zakk wylde playing pentatonic stuff and demoing his pedal board.--sounds great doesn´t it but now here´s the problem:Although the cd-rom was included there were only audiotracks on it and no videos(i even searched the disc with the ms explorer and----nada).
has anyone the same problem did the guys of G1 just forget to burn the videos(and why i bought the mag) on the cd???
help wanted

thanx a lot

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Not to worry. I downloaded Zakks "intructional" vid off limewire, and was the most self-indulgent ( well, secong to any vid by Yngwie that is.. ) waste of time i ever downloaded.

If you can decipher what he is playing at 120 MPH more power to you, he never slowed down to actually show anything except "look what i can do!" :P

I got more from Kristofers and Picks vids right here on UG.

Oh, but you might need to get DivX since it is not designed for PC :P
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Those mixed media discs you get with guitar mags are a pain in the arse, but if you explore the CD you'll usually find they have a Readme with instructions on how to play the videos (assuming you don't need to install another codec)