Ok so no matter what I try to do I just can't manage to import any ASCII into Guitar Pro.

There's a couple of songs I've been trying to learn through guitar tabs and I've tried to import them to Guitar Pro but I get the error "The number of string is different to the current track. Please modify first the number of strings of the current track."

And I've no idea what to do because there's 6 lines on the ASCII tab and I've set it to 6 lines on Guitar Pro and yet this error always occurs.

Any solutions to this, as it's slowly getting to me.
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Man, I get the same message. The strings are correct and everything. Did you find out how to fix it? Because I'm starting to think I'm gonna have to reinstall it.
You need to be sure the ascii tab is correct for import - ie no extra lines of dashes anywhere and each bar separated by bar lines made up of | characters (shift backslash key next to z key). These bar lines are often missing at the start of a line of tab.
If you send me the ASCII file I'll see what i can do, and if worse comes worse i can do it manually.
I found how to correct the problem with most of the tabs. All tab lines have to start with a - (dash) . You can have the first item as a note ie 7 or 10 etc.
It should be -10-----, not 10---

This seems to work on all the tabs I've tried to import
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