If youre like me, and pulling youre hair out over trying to innotate youre 3 saddle bridge, then fear not.

Yes, its true that you will never get the pitch perfect, but you can get pretty damn close.

Set youre action as normal and roughly innotate the saddle induviudaly, like the e&B G&D A&E etc. Tuning the 12 fret harmonic to the same as the open note and the fretted note. Too sharp against the open note, lengthen the string, vis versa yadda yadda.They will be pretty close id imagine.

Right, now youve got youre E and A strings done, youll probably find the E string is way out because of the compenstation.

There 2 things you can do to cure this

1, leave it as it is.

2 Raise the saddle at the A side of the saddle, and shorten the string OR. raise the E side of the saddle and increase the string lenth. Or just drop the E side of the saddle slightly. It does little or nothing to effect the action, however if you OTT, it will maybe buzz a bit at higher frets, but nothing major.

As you raise the action of the strings, youll notic it gets higer in pitch, as because the higher the saddles go up, the shorter the distance from the neck, as dead level with the nut would be the furthest away. If that makes sence?

anyway, you can fiddle with the saddles to achieve much better innotation, particually between the D and G strings.

Hope this helps. Nick
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This seems like some good tips...

Could you possible post some pictures illustrating what you are explaining?
I will do tonight. This is just a breif explanation, but I ca\nt believe anyone hasnt picked up on this.

By the way, my motorbike theory test today, wish me luck haha.
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Or you could try Callahams 3-saddle bridge. It should be much better with intonation and all that jazz
Or, you could just get a Tele with a 6 saddle bridge :P
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as you can see in this picture (sorry about the blury / dustyness. My camera is old)

1. the E saddle side is dropped low, but not low enough that it causes buzz, and the A side remains the same

2, it was the other way round with these two, I had to raise the G very slightly, and lower the D

3, the 3rd saddle (or the 1st depending if you call it that) has not been adjusted, as these strings seem to be in perfect innotaion with each other!, if it isnt broken, dont fix it!
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