ive played electric guitar for about a yr now, i wana buy an acoustic but rnt sure wat to look at. wat sort of things shud i be looking for that define a good acoustic?? i'm looking to spend around £200 to £300

any help on this wud be greatly apreciated
I bought an acoustic(actually it was a wedding gift) purely on the fact that it's a signature model, it must be good. Granted it is a nice guitar, but i know that there are better ones out there, infact i believe ibanez is now making the EP8 which is of better quality than the first EP7. If you are an electric player first, i would get an acoustic with a quality amplification system built in (like something by fishman). Play it both unplugged and plugged in. I would look at Takamine, ibanez and ovation for brands. I heard takamines are really nice. Make sure you play it first of course. There are some acoustics that have action as nice as your electrics. Make sure that you don't get an acoustic with really high action as this will be very discouraging following the ease of playing on an electric.
I'm presuming you're after a steel string guitar, not a classical one?
Yamaha make some really good acoustics in your price range, as do Ibanez.
The thing to really look for is a good neck and low action. Poor quality acoustics tend to have high action which not only makes playing more difficult it often causes intonation problems higher up the neck. Nearly all acoustic guitars have set bridges so you can't adjust the action or intonation if it's not to your taste.
Also make sure you feel comfortable with the body of the guitar as an acoustic is a lot chunkier than an electric.

The tone you get from acoustics varies greatly depending upon the size, type, material, etc. so try a load of different ones out and see what floats your boat.
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i bought a top notch washburn for £200. real nice.
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At that price don't get an amplified acoustic.
Get a straight off normal acoustic. The little amount of money you are spending should be going towards better woods used in the guitar, not a pickup which you may not ever use.
And if you ever do need one you can get an aftermarket pickup really cheaply which is probably a better way to go.

The Alvarez AD60SC that was mentioned above is a really nice guitar but is probablye out of your price range.

I would recommend either the Yamaha FG700S or FG730S (I'm just sort of guessing exchange rates and all that mumbojumbo, so sorry if they don't come in your price range)
Also if you can afford one check out the Alvarez AD60 or AD60SC.