Is it possible to replace the bridge ?? With like, a floyd rose (is that it ?) or something like that ?
if you dont mind the cost, yes you can. more routing is required for a floyd rose compared to a kahler though.
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wait.. what's routing ?

I thought I could just simply unscrew and take off the fixed bridge, and just bolt on the floyd rose lol.

Is there more to it ??
nah the cavity in your guitar is only sized for your current bridge. trem systems take up a lot more space. routing is basically resizing/reshaping the cavity to fit a new bridge. it's only worth doing if you really really want that specific guitar to have a trem system in it. most of the time it's a better idea just to get another guitar with a trem in it, stock.l

homeboy is right about kahlers taking up less than floyds. thank god kahler is back in business.
I would save up for a better guitar. I have the RG321 and Im saving up for a guitar partly because of the thin neck which I now dislike and my change in music style, thought I would play metal but Im now playing classic rock, blues, and hard rock...
I think for the cost its not worth it.

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