I've been playing acoustic guitar for a few months now and I`m starting to want to switch to electric guitar because the kind of music I want to play is mostly rock or hard rock. I want to know, what are the things I have to learn to be able to play on an electric guitar? Or what things do I have to learn to play rock on an electric guitar?
(This is kind of embarrassing: my parents want to see me get good before they allow me to buy an electric guitar....*sigh*
lol, i am saving up now to by acoustic, im going from electric to acoustic...I dont knoow how much of a difference there is between the two, other than sound...

it depends on what kind of playing u did on an acoustic...

but to play rock and metal, (if u dont already know this) you should learn power chords, and barre chords...

lots of other stuff that u can learn from here 2 so just hang out here lol
If you don't have calluses on your finger tips now, you will have once you start playing the acoustic, especially if it has steel strings.
not much, the only differences between an acoustic is the string tension, and the neck(acoustic guitars have wider necks)

you just need to learn some songs

or learn powerchords, scales and barre chords
it's pretty much the same concept. when i switched from acoustic to electric, i actually found it easier to play an electric than an acoustic. make sure you know your chords and scales though.