Ok so Im a die hard Gold series groove tubes, and a Ruby tube guy.

HOwever my amp tch has these short glass EL-34's made by EHX and I put a set in my Carvin X-100B when the groove tubes (Standeard ones) went to shit. so now I must say, Im in love with these little guys, they ahve a tight well defined sound and they were cheap! I found little tonality change in the amp and a much better overall tightness, and articulation boost.

So why do people bash these little guys?! I mean, The Ruby's I use in my Recto, are irreplacable, simply wont put anything but Mesa, or rubyss in it, but the EHX are great tubes IMO unless some one has a secrete to share here?

Also Im lookinf to re tube both pre amp sections of these amps in the near future. Carvin is a 3- 12AX7 and the Recto is 5-12AX7's

Any stacking ideas? tube manufacturers ect combos ect that are good for a high gain set of amps?
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well EHX make EXELLENT tubes like. Especially the El-34's
I dont think they are well known as JJ and Grove etc.