My guitar's intonation is, to put it simply, buggered, and as a poor student I can't afford to pay anyone to fix it so I'm going to have to do it myself. Can anyone tell me how to actually do it? My guitar is an Ibanez AFS77T and the bridge is a Tune-o-Matic type with roller saddles.

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On each string Check the fretted note at 12th fret and the 12 fret harmonic. If the pitch on the fretted note is higher than the harmonic, you need to move the saddle (with a screwdriver on the screws!) for that string backwards, towards the tailpiece. if it's lower, you need to move it a forward little away from the tailpiece. I have a guitar with a tuneomatic, but i can't say i recently adjusted it, so i can't remember which way to turn the screws to move the saddles backwards/forward. by forwards i mean towards the screw, shortening the scale length, and backwards vice versa.
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