I've been playing for a year now, and I beginning to learn to sweep pick. The only problem, well, for you who are in the same position as me, is it's amazingly hard. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or instructions on how to go about this? I've watched a couple videos, but it still just dosen't make sense.

A couple things I should state. For the last year I've been playing, I've learned very few scales and chords, I jumped right into learning songs off of tabs. I can do harmonics, pinches, natural, etc. I can bend, slide, etc.

Thanks for any help!
The only thing I can think of is Pickn'Grins video... You can either get it on youtube


Or here

I'm in the same boat, I just started sweep picking, and while i have gotten better at it, being able to go up and down keeping the pick steady, I need to get the left hand moving just as fast.

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