ok, i'm really sorry if this is in the wrong forums, but this is about as close as i thought i could get to the subject. if its wrong, tell me, and i'll happily move it. (or find out how to do that)

ok, im 17 and have been playing guitar for about 6 months. recently a band that i know basically split up, but two of them are going to keep it going. they needed emergency members to play a gig in two weeks and things though, and they asked me. i said yeah, and then they told me they need me to play on the album they are going to record in a few weeks. this is a great opportunity, but how the hell am i going to do this?

the band play around my area regularly and they go in with the shell of a song (verse chorus and vocals) and then improvise fills onto the top of it. i dont know what im going to do though, i'm still learning basic songs, and the only other thing iv'e done for the past 6 months is alternate pick scales to get my speed up.

does anyone have any tips on how to basically improvise or put fills on top of a song. something simple that can be learnt quick? btw they are very bluesy (not my type of thing, but a friend in need eh?)

any tips or advice for me would be appreciated. i just dont wanna let my mates down, because they were all very experienced, and i kind of want to make my first appearance as a guitarist look pretty good, ya know.

thanks everyone
i think you might want to turn down the offer mate.. seriously, 6months only??

you still need time to grow as a guitarist.. take it easy

im sure they will understand. Sorry if this lets you down a little. But its the truth..
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Play a small coffee house or even in front of some friends to get your confidence up. A guitarist is only as good as the songs he learns, so just focus on the selection you're gonna play w/ your friend's band.
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just go with the basics...play what ur good at
dont try to force anything too complex
I dig the loyalty, but I think you will be more of a hinder than a help. Perhaps maybe you bit more than you can chew this time? I'd respectfully decline.
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Nobody recommended he take the fast route and learn some pentatonic scale patterns?

All you have to do is know where the notes on the E string are, and then learn a few simple patterns. You ask them what key they are playing in, and then you solo with the pattern starting on that note.

For example, they are playing a blues song in E minor. Just start the pattern on the open E string. There are a few lessons on pentatonic scales on this site, and the scales are used in a lot of blues songs.
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i like the pentatonic idea. if this a jam band set up and your the lead player, you could fake it with pentatonics and few bends.
Im with nightwind and xtopheraaron on this one. You should turn down the offer, even if you have excepted it. This is those guys chance to get some stuff recorded and quite frankly, 6 months isnt near enough time. 2 and a half years for me, and to me thats one heck of a daunting task to just jump in like that. Although, they are more bluesy, so get them to give me a call if ya would Naa jk. But ya, you should decline, but thankful for the offer.
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