Ive just discovered him.

If you take into consideration that he can only solo with two fingers....he must be good lol.

What does anyone else think of him?

Django was one of the finest guitarists to ever walk this earth. End of conversation.
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Django was one of the finest guitarists to ever walk this earth. End of conversation.


The man was innovative beyond belief.
Not just one of the greatest guitarists, but one of the greatest soloists who ever lived, imho. One brilliant lick after another.
I want to start listening to him, I've only ever heard good things about him. What songs should I check out?
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If you like Django, you should also check out his modern day (four-fingered) counterpart Bireli Lagrene
I, too, have only just started listening to him.

A friend burned me disc 2 of his 'Hot Club De France Quintette; Django & Stephane Grapelli' and I was blown away by it. Went out two days later and bought Django's 'Jazz is Paris - Django's Blues' and my friend burned me disc 1 of the aforementioned album today.
And holy shit is he good, the same applying of course to Stephane Grapelli. Some amazing guitar/violin interplay; although it's quite depressing really how good some people can be, even when they're only got full use of two fingers.
Possibly the strongest argument for best guitarist of the 20th Century. The man had two fingers and he's a better guitarist than anyone else who ever had four. Absolute genius.
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Yep, founder of the gypsy jazz movement.

Belgian as well. Hooray for us.
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Django=phenomenal. Even if he wasn't encumbered by playing with only two fingers on his fretting hand, Django would still be a masterful guitarist and musician. He started what's known as Gypsy Jazz as well.

As far as songs, Minor Swing is a classic and probably the most well known of his works.
All his stuff is cool. Amazon.com has a number of Django CD's. The Best of Django Reinhardt is a pretty good choice.

There are a number of modern day Gypsy jazz guitarists you might want to check out as well. Stochelo Rosenberg is my favorite.


A guy I know who teaches guitar really likes Django, he's in a blue grass band, and though he palys slide guitar, he plays the guitar for the Django song they do.

Myeslf, I only listen to one or two Django songs, good stuff though.
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i discovered django with his song naguine, i really love his style and he's really inovativve