Hey ..
i play guitar for about 5 years ..im not an expert but i do allright . I need to improve my speed and my dexterity...can u guys recomand me some good exercises. I need somethinig to be effective and also challenging.
if you want to improve speed, all you really need is focus, and a metronome.

Work on getting your right hand up to speed, and really perfecting your picking technique. Also, work on your left hand separately, then work on synching the two together
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play lots and lots of scales really really fast with a metronome for like an hour a day.
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increasing speed isn't about just playing things faster....

its more about attaining perfection little by little. of course, that means starting slow, and slowly building up
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there are also some "yngwie malmsteen" shred things which should get your speed up i forgot where i found them though

Can you please find them for me and the threadstarter?
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yeah ...that would be nice ... mw7 and i would need some help in finding those ..
i looked through "lessons" and didnt find them.