Poll: How do you cut your sandwiches?
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16 30%
15 28%
I don't cut them
20 38%
I don't eat sandwiches
2 4%
Voters: 53.
Are you seriously?
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hehe. the polls a penis
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triangular gives a greater surface area for the first bite.
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I don't cut mine. Too lazy.

But triangular ones taste way better. Less crust, smooth texture.

Unless it's ham and penis. That tastes good no matter what the cut.
I like mine served on a good looking woman bent over. Triangular for me also, please.
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I like that nice, fluffy white crust. Not the burnt crap.

I have mine retangular. Unless ive bought some. Then their triangular
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We've actually discussed this at length in our house at uni (yeah we're cool like that...) and came to the conclusion that triangularly cut is the best, as it gives a greater length of non-crust edge to the sandwich.
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Are you seriously?

Engrish much?

I do cut my sandwiches, but only in half, cuz I'm not British.
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For the record..I don't b other with a knife. I just rip my sandwich into yummy scumplets with my fingers. Y'know, the same way that the cavemen ate their peanut butter sandwiches, back in the day.