Hey guys, i have a little dillema and i feel that i don't have the knowledge to make a proper decision, so i need your guys help. Basically i can't decide between a standard tele and a classic series 60s one. Obviously, as price dictates, the latter is the better quality guitar. However, i really prefer a tele with a 6 saddle bridge which the standard has and not the classic 60s.

Is the standard telecaster good enough to sacrifice comfort over quality and sound? Or should i put up with the 3 saddle bridge on the classic 60s and get a better sound?

I have tried them both and i really don't know, mainly because there is not too much of a sound quality difference.

I hope its not too confusing, cheers for your help and just ask a question if you don't really get what i'm on about.

the differnce between those if im right is either one is humbucker or/and hollow bodied.

to be honest the 60s classic would be more of a look, esspecially if you cant hear a sound differnce.

if they play simular get the standard because its cheaper! and because they're f-ing cool guitars!

If you want a vintage, get the 60s. If you want a modern, get the newer one. They do sound and play differently, but if you can't tell, i wouldn't drop a grand or more on a vintage axe.
I think i must have said this wrong.

The standard tele is about £290

The classic 60's is about £380

They're both single coils only.

The standard has a 6 saddle bridge but not as good a tone, eg, hum.

The classic 60s has a 3 saddle bridge but a better tone, not as much hum.

I am on a pretty tight budget so i can't afford replacement bridges or pickups.

Which would you guys advise, as one has poorer pickups, the other has a 3 saddle bridge which has a bad reputation for being out of tune and being uncomfortable.

Sorry i didnt make it clearer guys.
Hope that stuff helps.
Cheers for comments so far, much appreciated.
i would get the standard and eventually swap the pickups.

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