does anyone know good scales or anything in the neo classical style. im not sure what to use or anything..

Augmented 5th? Minor/Major 13th, 11th arpeggio scales? If you have guitar pro check them out on there because i'm not sure where else you can find them.
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i'd say augmented 5th aswell. Also if you want to learn neo classical stuff try taking piano/violin symphonies and working them out on guitar- Pagani's stuff works well.
Main word is classical obivously, and many of the neo-classical shredders who are any good originally played classical guitar. Make sure things like your modes and mode changes are good, also learn the modes UP each string, so you can move and change positions easily.
Yes looking at classical music helps, things like some of Bach's music (the more minor side), have great examples of scales and are very useful to learn from.
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Bach might be called classical but he certainly wasn't Classical.

I've already made my opinion known on calling this neoclassical so I'll refrain from arguing.

Just take some Baroque-era melodies and play them with distortion.