Hey guys, I have a Fender '52 Telecaster Reissue. And I just want some input on some ideas for upgrades.

1) I broke one of the machine heads at the last show I played. It was at Emergenza Festival and we had to use their Genz Benz stacks, and we couldn't turn the volume past 1, which made it sound miserable, so at the end of the set I threw the guitar. Haha, probably a bad decision, but you had to hear how bad our guitars sounded. So I was wondering what would be the ultimate 6-in-line machine heads to buy? Cause I noticed the stock tuners on there were nothing to write home about anyway? Any recommendations, money really isn't an option with this guitar, I'm trying to make it as nice as possible.

2) Bridge pickup upgrades need to be done as well, the bridge pickup just doesn't put enough out. I don't use a lot of gain at all, but my sound is never entirely clean. I always like my tone to have a little bite to it, so the tone is really based off of the dynamics of my playing. So do you guys have any recommendations for tele bridge pickups that are a little hotter than the stock ones? Price again isn't much of a factor.

3) Has anyone here wired/had their neck pickup wired to the modern specs? The current 52 wiring just sound really weak and muddy.

4) What about Earvana compensated nuts, or other sorts of nut upgrades, I have trouble with this guitars nut staying in tune, as well as string slippage.

Thanks in advance guys
Well I like sperzel and schaller locking tuners. You could put aSeymour duncan jb junior in the tele which would sound great and give you some more output. I installed a couple earvana nuts on 2 of my strats and a tele and I love them