Midnight White
By Terry. B

Ill hope to shed a tear
Its been a year
Since you passed

Midnight white
Lighthouse memories
Shed light on my heart

You were the love of my..

What is life?
The answer lies beneath darkness

We held hands
We danced with the midnight wolves
We kissed
We made leafs of the trees smile

Its been a year
So young
You were

You were the love of my..

Midnight white
Pale blue skies
Paving the way for me

Im taking this trash out
Im coming to hold hands with you
One last time

Death is but a step forward
One can only..

Well i have no friggin idea, of where this came from, i just found it, amongst some of my old writings. Hope you enjoyed it.

Its pretty obvious of whats it about, so i dont think i should explain its meanings.
i agree with the person above me, really good writing though, all but that one line.
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