Hey, I ordered 3 mono jacks for an a/b box, but I thought mono jacks only had 2 of the little, uhhh, little sticky-out bits (lol, my first build), but the ones that came have 4. I'm thinking that when people say that a mono has only a tip and sleeve, they mean pairs? How do I wire it then? Do I just join the 2 tips with a wire, then join that to the rest of the pedal as I had planned, or do I only use one?

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sounds like you got stereo jacks to me...but then it still would only have 3 connections as far as i know...hopefully someone else knows better than me and can help!
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yeah, connect those two that would touch the same metal surface in a mono jack
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^ Yes. Connect the two that go to the same place on the jack. The two that go to the sleeve should be soldered together and the two that go to the tip. Or you can just solder to one of each - it doesn't really matter.
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