Its one of those colored Marshall amps that came out back in the day. I think they also came in Blue and Red.

I've been always wanting to buy a JMP from the 60s, but I never found one. I saw this and just grabbed the opportunity. Heck it stil has its old Mullard valves

So what do you think
1981 Marshall JCM800 2203
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its a pretty good deal. The price is fair for both sides

Side Note: what date was your JCM 800 made in 1981? if you don't feel like taking off the back, then what's the serial number? usually those 2203's from 1981 have came with the 6 Daly caps.
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Thanks for the reply. I needed someone to make sure I didn't get riped off :p

Not sure the date of jcm800 as it is at friends house, but its 6 caps are black in color as I remember

I think that the Superleads from 67-68 are considered the best as they have the Booming Low end that modern marshalls lack, from 68 onwards they reduced voltages to produce less ware on the tubes, which apparently reduced the low end.

I am anxious to try it out, and will definetely post clips
1981 Marshall JCM800 2203
Mesa Boogie Tripple Rectifier 2 Channel
Avatar G412 4x12 Vintage 30s
Sobbat Drive Breaker 1
those superleads you speak of are called "plexi's" or "plexi faced marshall's" and are collectible

The date on the amp is on the small white sticker on the inside.
One word of caution though. around 1967 - 1970, Marshall were producing Valve head's like this that were designed as PA Amps. I know this cos I bought one back in 1983. It was good, but I swapped it a couple of years ago for a Pair of Rack mounted 2 x 50watt Marshalls. Owning it for over 20 years should tell you something though!!!
If it's a PA amp, (They look the same!) they are difficult to overdrive without some form of Pre-amp. I used a JMP1 to drive mine and it was the loudest Amp setting that I ever played.

If it turns out that you've bought the PA version (which also came in various colours!) All is not lost! A good Pre-Amp will give you a most impressive set up with far more volume than the Guitar model can manage. If it is the Guitar version, you've paid a reasonable price.

I went into Andy's Music store about 5 years ago and they offered me £500.00 for mine without even seeing it. At the time they were selling a really beat up one for £825.00, so the price is more than fair.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mine!!!