He came to Toronto, and I must say, seeing him play was mindblowing! He moves his left hand across the fretboard so fast but seems to do it so effortlessly. And his right hand is like a MACHINE! He moves two fingers so fast and spiders up and down the strings. He's faster than most shredders, but he does it with so much emotion too.

He was very dynamic, improvising most of the songs and using the most obscure chords and fingering patterns, but all of it fitting perfectly. He also varied his playing from small tickling of the strings to strumming so hard that it would have undoubtedly snapped the strings if they were steel. Incredible.
Paco is a god! He practically invented Nuovo Flamenco!

Plus he no longer has that goofy comb-over (or he didn't in the most recent pics I've seen of him)

In guitar trio - Paco was the most melodic, Mclaughlin the most interesting, and di Meola was just really frackin fast

sh1t frackin ... been watching a bit too much battlestar galactica it seems ...

Oh and I almost forgot to mention how INSANELY jealous I am.
wow, that must have been amazing. What a treat for the ears. Add another envious reader.
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you lucky man. i hope you maxed out your attention and didnt miss a single note! amazing...
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If you that's good, note that he has apparently lost quite abit of playing ability to age. So you can imagine how he was like at his peak.