I am now starting to look at scales to create riffs and solos. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which scale you use for solos or which is the best one to use for a specific style or any style. I am looking to create riffs to go behind chords and also some solos in between lyrics.

Pentatonic will give you very bluesy stuff, but if you play it fast, rock and roll/old metal style solos.

EDIT: I highly suggest checking out davewiner.com it has a part called "riff of the week" and i'm pretty sure that scales have beeen covered.
These are the most popular scales used in some genres, but you can experiment and use Harmonic Minor in metal and so on. Just make sure the key is the same and you'll be fine.

Metal - Natural Minor, Pentatonic Minor
Classic Rock - Pentatonic Minor, Blues
Classical - Harmonic Minor, Minor, Melodic Minor, Major
Pop - Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic
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Quote by jacko_17
what scales are best for rock and roll solos?

I'd say probably Pentatonic, and blues.
Quote by jacko_17
what scales are best for rock and roll solos?

Like AC/DC kinda stuff i guess?
Definately pentatonic and blues just make them fast and energetic.
Play around with some i find that www.all-guitar-chords.com (lok on the scales) helps loads with looking for different sounds in soloing it has loads of scales and in every key.