So pretty much, It's these two asian guys doing some wierd dance thing, and I nearly died laughing. I couldn't breathe, I thought that most of my ribs must be broken, and there were tears streaming down my face. what do you think?
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Oh, hello mister tracer! Lets dance!
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And we all poop in the sandwiches!

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I kind of chuckled. Fuck me I hate it when people are like "ZOMGZ FUNIST TIMG EVA!!!!!!!!1!"
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what do i think? i think you should stop wasting you time searching for half naked asians dancing on youtube...

EDIT: for SG thrasher yeah its an unfunny piece of crap
I found no amusement in that.

At all.
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What on earth is SRV?
a smile here and there but dude that really wasent anything special.... atall!
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damn straight!!
hahahahahahahahahahahahah dancing people ahaahahahahahahahaha
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I didn't even smile, am i dead inside or is this just an unfunny piece of crap?

no, it just sucks
Threadstarter, you may wanna revise your sense of humour.
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Omg I saw this thing like 3 or 4 years ago, I loved it so much. I was looking everywhere for the song but I could never find it
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OMFG TEH DANCEZORZ!!!!1!!!11!!1!1!!1!

Nope, didnt do it for me
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