i have a few questions on pickslides and any help on any of them would be greatly appreciated.

o1. how do you actually do a pickslide?
o2. what picks/strings are better for pickslides?
o3. any alternate techniques?

1place side of pic on strings, slide down/up the neck without raising the pick at all
2thick strings are the best, the E and A and D string are best to slide on
3alternate techniques.....you could scrape something eklse other than a pick (ie, an unscrewed whammy bar sounds really cool when scraped against strings
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I find it best if you scrape the side of the pick on the E A and D strings, without applying pressure to the strings, so it doesn't get that sliding down the frets with a horrible scraping noise sound.

Do it on all three of the strings at the same time, for a fuller sound, and use the side of your pick.
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It can be done on the unwound strings, too...just takes a little more finesse and I think sounds better than the scraping of the wound strings.