so this is the deal.
i have a 1972 vantage (now owned by samick) avenger av-330. it has a plain tremelo system, and i encountered a problem with it. i just recently put in ghs zakk wylde boomers, and the strings were so tight that it lifted the tremelo system, making it only possible to whammy outwards.

i`m not sure if this is hurting the guitar or not, and what will happen if the strings break. please let me know if you`ve heard of this and what the dangers are!

the same thing happened with my old ibanez.

just unscrew the plate that covers the springs in the back of the guitar and tighten the screws that hold the springs onto the guitar. if that doesn't work, then i have no clue.

aren't those zakk wylde boomers really thick strings?