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kind of stuck in a hole. i need help with my rhythm guitaring. i need some new chords/chord progressions to play. something new and different that i wouldn't already have tried. thanx...hopefully someone can help.
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Learn music you wouldnt normally play.
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play music from a diferent country, like Russia or Brazil

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i defintly agree with waht the people above had said

you should listen to different genres of music that you dont normally hear a lot and that will give you lots of ideas!!

for example if you like metal but you want to improve rhytmm i definetly suggest a bit of good old funk as that has somtimes quite complicated rhythms or sorta guitar off beats etc that are quite hard to master!!

well that my opinion! :-D
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Learn music you wouldnt normally play.

This one really helped me a while back when I was stuck in a rut.

Good luck mike.

if you have msn, pm me