The PRS, I have played Gibsons and Prs's back to back, and every time the PRS was of better quality. Paul Reed Smith really pay great attention to detail and the quality is very consistent between their instruments, the same can not be said for Gibson anymore.
i perfer gibsons over PRS, and i also dislike signature guitars
but like said, you might wanna be very skeptical of gibson, some of their guitar some from the factory looking and playing like crap.

but i love the les pauls.
what kinda music are you going to be playing?
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Both are nice, I like the PRS in this case more. You're talking a good chunk of change, one which would also net you a nice custom from Gutierrez, WCG, Ran, or Ormsby.
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it is the lowest priced prs and 500 cheaper than gibson but i can only really get into the les paul style guitars meaning that shape

i meant in terms of sound and stuff
get the lp
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There's a few ways you can look at this....

If you going for looks you should probably go for the Les Paul...it's a stunning guitar but the guitar look similar so in my opinion you should base it on playability....but that's the same with all guitars.

If your going for playability and feel.....the PRS is maybe a better choice. I agree with Bonny that PRS pay some much detail to each guitar they produce. I played PRS guitars on my work experience and personally i prefered the PRS....So much easier to play on.

Soundwise i think the les paul guitar is better. The proper Gibson LP's have amazing tone and great versatility. How ever i've never played a Tremonti PRS so i can't really compare.

I'd go for the PRS.
I've played both of these Guitars and the Les Paul is a far superior guitar. The Les Paul sustains better. It has a richer sound even with the Ceramic Magnets in the pickups and there is only really one choice between them and this time the Gibson wins out fairly easily. The Les Paul Studio Plus models are better as well.

The Tremonti was meant to compete with the Les Paul market, but doesn't succeed quite as well as the Custom 44 does.

Either get a Les Paul, or a PRS Custom 24. Don't bother with the Tremonti! They're relying on the repuatation of Paul Reed Smith to be able to sell the thing.

Not their finest hour!
ok so now im worried about the strength of gibson guitars since that thread in this forum about his neck bowing after 15 minutes
If you're ordering it off the internet, you should be cautious. If you are actually able to go to a store and play it, look for those things. If a guitar isn't in good shape, you should be able to tell. If you can't, take a buddy that can. That's what I did and I ended up with a near flawless Tele. Still had to be set up, of course.
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it depends on if you are going for the tremonti model, or the tremonti SE model. TS, when you say that the PRS is cheaper it looks like you are looking at the SE model (around $500-$600). if between that and the gibson, the gibson is probably better if you can find a good one in store. now, if you are talking about the non-SE PRS (costs a lot more), then the PRS is going to be the better guitar. PRS has very high quality control and pays great attention to detail in my experience. the SE models are good, but arent made in the US and have lower quality control. gibson is hit or miss, some are great and some are not and you really need to play it first.