anyone know any exercises to help this?

i'm trying to learn the pre-duet rhythm part for "bat country", and i can play it...just not up to speed with the song. The tab i'm using requires a sweep picking motion, and since i've only been seriously playing for about 1.5-2 years.

also, this is way out there...but how long do you think it will take if i practice every day for about two hours, to get decent enough on sweeping picking and fast fingering? <-----don't have to answer, just curious




^them playing it live^ (fastforward a bit for the duet)

thanks, to anyone who helps
well im not sure what you mean by the pre-duet rhythm, im assuming the arpeggio part. It just takes some practice, and eventually you'll get it, just start out slow and perfect it, then progressivly get faster. By the way, I love that song, and it's how i started sweep picking.
uh, well for the faster fingering, i'd just keep playing chromatic runs over and over, then doing them on different strings, i can make a warm up or exercise thing if you want?
go to freedownloads.com and download a thing to slow the song down and slowly get it going faster until its up to speed. thats what i do if its too fast
Try some simple arpeggio patterns going only up and going only down slowly and patiently. It works, trust me.
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Being that this song is in the key of D minor...the first arpeggio they open up with in that section is a D Minor Arpeggio. They only do a 4 string sweep of the arpeggio. It appears they left the A string out of it and just went back up.


Practice that bad boy a couple of times and that'll have you set for that. I recommend buying a metronome. Or if you're a cheap bastard...use this: http://www.metronomeonline.com/

Also...in terms of scales to help you along with this solo. Check out the D minor harmonic, D blues, and also learn about bending up to pitch. http://www.cyberfret.com/scales/guitar-codex/index.php is a pretty solid scale finder. You can find pretty much any scale that's commonly used in any key. It shows you the intervals and stuff too. But yeah...I did all this stuff...and I can sweep at around 200 bpm after only 3 years of playing...so...maybe a year if you go through and work on these scales and stuff daily. At two hours, I don't know how much you can accomplish...as I usually practice 4-6 hours a day...sometimes more...and if I'm not practicing...I'm thinking about practicing. So just try to approach it as musically as possible. Look at how their solo patterns fit into different scales...and you'll make progress in leaps and bounds.

Anyway in terms of slowing the song down...Windows Media Player has a function to do that...but if you can get your hands on a program called Transcribe! You'll find that it's much more versatile. You can slow down the song, detune or tune up to your guitar tuning so you don't have to downtune or uptune your guitar, which is a real plus if you're dealing with a tremolo system of some kind. Good luck.
What I've been doing, is just running my fingers up and down, as if I would be playing the notes. It's easier to hear it if your guitar is plugged into the amp so it just sounds like you're doing a whole bunch of hammer-ons. when you feel comfortable doing the fingerings, then you can pick up the speed. And then you can add the pick

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