Alright, I can never sleep, so I wrote this song (it's not related to me not sleeping though, lol). It's pretty random, kinda funny IMO, and is more of a funky rappy song (think fight like a brave by RHCP) So just let me know what you think and as always, crit for crit
Flying Spaghetti Monster

Verse 1
Pastafarianism is still underground
Not so big, still internet-bound
Everyone wants to be touched
By his noodly appendage
But no one understands
His true message
The prophet Bobby Anderson led the way
Lucky for us, he saved the day

The temperature's rising
The sun's rays are harming
We need more pirates to
Save us from global warming

Verse 2
His noodly appendage rules the land
From every jungle to every grain of sand
Even Frodo can't fight the power
His day's just gone too sour
Martians come from outer space
Only for linguini to swat their face
Pirates sailing the seven seas
Frylock and meatwad bash in Shake's knees


Edit:BTW, I know it's not alot, but it's not meant to be serious or even that good,
YES!!! as a fellow pastafarian and ATHF fanatic, it is about f*cking time. i think i'm going to start writing a song in His image.
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you dident invent the flying spagetti monster flying spagetii monsterism is actually a religion
i kid you not
look it up for yourself
you are way to high for spagetti
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i thought it was kida funny dont know why i just did
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Well, not really haha!

my bad i dident acculy read the lyrics
sry bout that dude
some people think they can make ppl think their funny by claiming to have invented the flying spagetti monster
my friend did it and i hurt him
once again i apologize for the mistake