Im thinking of buying the epiphone standart IV bass.
I dunno, i have the one from the starters kit, has a great sound... but i wanna buy
a better one, between the 200 and 300 dollars this one seems nice, what do you guys think and if you have another one in mind between 200 and 300 dollars please say something.
Peavey Millenium.


You can get one for about that price, it looks good, plays good, and for just a little more you can get the model with active pickups.

( Odds are quite good that I will be replacing my Series 10 5-String with either the Active EQ Millenium, OR an Ibanez BTB405QM ... either are excellent choices i have played them both :P )

It appears that this particular Epiphone has active EQ also... not bad.

Can't hurt to pick up another Bass or two before you invest your $$ though
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