Post-rock, pedal pop, glockenspeils, synths and layered vocals.


And here's our tour dates at the moment, with loads more Norwich and London dates to be anounced.

2 Feb 2007 The Pleasure Unit - London
3 Feb 2007 The Queen Charlotte - Norwich
12 Feb 2007 The Industry - London
3 Mar 2007 TTSF / 2007 - Banham Barrel
20 Mar 2007 Hoxton Bar & Kitchen - London
27 Mar 2007 The Pleasure Unit - London
6 Apr 2007 The Fisher Theatre - Bungay

Thanks for reading, much appreciated

Sean (Intoflight)
u guys rock i bookmarked your myspace, and will defenitely return just to listen
I dunno if you remember me, but I have to repeat what I said last time- you guys are amazing. I suggest you play for some of us "YOOKSHA" folk.
right when i heard it i thaught explosions, but good for you i like explosions. 1st band on u.g. if found thats REALLY good and i wouldnt get sick with. congrats.
That's good stuff. Not something I would listen to all the time but it is nice to have a break from Staind and all those really good bands, if you know what I mean. The first song A small good thing when the guy first started singing i thought he kinda sounded like the Trapt lead singer, which is ok. I'm just trying to say I like the way he was singing it.
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Just left you guys a comment, nice stuff. SO weird about To-Mera! I was just talking to Ed (the guitarists brother) about them!

Thanks for listening to our stuff (hey hey you can all have a listen - www.myspace.com/se7enevermusic ). The To-Mera show was awesome for us - we had the biggest crowd of the night, but i felt bad for To-Mera (ok they got paid, i didnt, but still...). I dont think the crowd really got what they were doing, place was half empty by the time they had finished. I dont think they'll be back to north bucks any time soon!
reminds me a bit of snow patrol, but otherwide nice going guys!
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