Ok i tried this amp today and i must say i was blown away.the tone was sweet for a small amp like this.only 5w(1 X 6L6GC(Power)/ 1 X 12AX7(Pre)) but was loud enough to fill a room.the cleans was crisp and clear and the gain was classic-hard rock almost metal type of tone.played iron man through it and damn it sounded so good.made the crappy ibanez gio guitar i was using sound like a gibson les paul
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Okay...then go buy one?
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and your point being?
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oh my.
you poor soul.
i'll go and slit my wrists for you so you dont have to.


-maybe,but its more on giving out information for those who doesnt have any idea about this amp but wants to get one.like some other guy yesterday..


-if i got the money then i would


-just for info.