heya, i'm kinda new to this kinda hardware after going from a simple strat to a 20 year old charvel model 6, and I can't seem to exactly get the right info for this hardware so I'm wondering if some of you guys would be able to help out

the issue is that, i have this behind-the-nut lock (not sure if it's kahler like the bridge or a JT-6...its one big block spanning the width of the neck which is divided into 3 sections (one per 2 strings) with 3 allen screws used to lock. Again, don't know for sure which it is) which i'm not sure whether its doing what its supposed to do. I string the guitar, tune it (on the headstock), and lock it, but I can still seem to tune it at the headstock AFTER locking it.
My question is, is this supposed to be the case? I think either
A. the string lock has been worn down over the years, or
B. the lock only applies to the keeping the whammy in tune and doesn't apply to manual headstock tuning

any input would be appreciated
Welcome to the Charvel family! I have a Model 4 with a Kahler but the Locking nut is missing on mine. If the string lock is after the nut(as in closer to the tuning pegs) then it's most like a Kahler string lock. The Jackson Charvel forum guys would probably be moe knowledgeable about this subject www.jcfonline.com/forums
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