Anyone know of some good schools in florida that i could check out for audio and recording?
If you've got the money, Full Sail in Orlando is one of the best in the country, but its VERY expensive. I've toured it and their recording arts program is amazing. Google it and check it out.
your the second person to mention that... ill check it out. thanks bro
You have to be careful with Full Sail. Although they have a good program and ranked in the top 5 contemporary music schools.. they are not nationally accredited. Which means it may be next to impossible to transfer and/or go for a master's in something. They are also a FOR PROFIT school and are considered a degree mill. Why do you think you can get a "BA" there in 9 months? They want as many students as possible at once and as many out the door as possible quickly.

Use caution. Some employers also look down on non-accrediated schools.
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Full Sail really isn't that expensive if you compare it to traditional college. Maybe not year-by-year, but it's the equivalent of about 15K a year for a bachelor's, including books. Most good traditional colleges are about the same.
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Full sail is a $20,000 babysitting school. You can go there, and learn as much as if you sat in your room 4 those 9 months. I had a friend go there, yea she got a job on a cruise ship (which she only worked on for about 6 months before she hated it and quit...not doing anything with audio) but if you asked her "hand me that 57" she would be like "which one is that". Thats not a real good school. And now she is also in deep debt.
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