I couldnt figure out were else im supossed to post this so here it goes.
Just tell me if this needs to go:


WARNING.(no dumb comments)
I dont count this as music.Im just wanking the fretboard and i just decided to take a video of it for fun.
Im not copying buckethead, i just prefer to not show my face.
Very crap audio quality but its audible.
I have been playing for 1 and a half year. 

The licks are mostly the same and quite repetitive but i was bored so i filmed it with my crappy web cam.
Haha i love your mask. 1.5 years? Thats pretty damn good! how old are you? I seriously laughed at the start however, when you aimed the guitar at the cam and threw up some horns.
lmao, that ruled. The mask reminded me of Leatherface, lol. I agree with gitter wizard, the horns was pretty funny, lol.
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Yeah, that was alright, I liked some of the riffs, but there was something I didn't like about it... Dunno what it was, really. Anyways, work on it

The riffs are very repetitive, and the quality sucks so i guess thats what you dont like about it.
I find that videos are much more fun than´audio tracks so i filmed it.
When i get from school (today) i will record a shred wank. The quality on the video is just VERY annoying.

The mask is just a halloween witch mask turned inside out(lol). I tried to make the intro slightly funny by trowing out the horns in a weird manner.

BTW. Im 14
i know i wasn't that good at 1.5 years but it does sound like classic wankage a bit i hope you don't take that approach when your writing a solo but just for jamming and for sakes of playing fast it was good
Thanks man , i realy apreciate that you watched all of my vids.

Its definatly not how i approach soloing, its just wankage and speeding.
Thanks once again.
I realy could do better than that now, but i guess its ok.

Im listening to your song (berkshire blues) right now , very very NICE tone and playing ofcourse.