Im guna be buying a epiphone g-400 deluxe but their more expensive to buy in store. So are their any good reliable web sites to buy off in the UK. At decent prices as well. Ill only buy of ebay if its an ebay store but i don't see many deluxe versions on ebay.
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I've just bought a guitar from here and, although it's not in the UK, they delivered it 2 days after ordering and it was super cheap.
Don't know how the Epiphone price compares though.
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aka merchant city music in glasgow, theuir shipping prices are not too bad
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I brought my amp from imuso and when it came the box had a massive dent and tear in it, the amp was fine just i had a major scare lol. I might buy from them again its just with a guitar you gotta be more careful.
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GAK are good but when they delivered my amp they'd put the amp on the plug so the plug was bent. Luckily it just bent back but yea.

Also, GAK are really expensive! Make sure you just look around LOTS : )
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GAK expensive? The g-400 deluxe is really cheap on their, the cheapest ive seen yet. Ill probely use them i think
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dolphinmusic.co.uk has done well for me recently...
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