so i played a dean with a peavey the other day and i thought that it sounded like awsome so i was wondering if anybody can give me some good recomendations on what metal bands play them and that type of stuff well yea thanks
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Trivium plays dean, dimebag played dean, Mustaine now plays dean, Schekner plays dean, jerry cantrell plays dean, Michael angelo baito, GUITAR GOD, plays dean

AND PEAVY!!! All of their tube amps are great, if you have the money go with a Peavey 6505 THAT is a great head
Think of all the Metal bands that DON'T play Dean. Their guitar's aren't all that great, especially the ones I have played (caddilacs, dean from hell, dean dimabag tribute, etc)
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Yeah, save up if you want to buy a great metal guitar, other wise pickup a hardtail. Good guitars for the money, if you want to stick to the dean name. AND look online for an oldschool peavey tube amp. I had a head called the butcher, it dominated so hardcore and loud.
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I dig the 5150 a lot

One of the best high gain amps ever Imo. Can't say much for dean never played em enough to judge.
I would buy a 5150/6505 in a second if I were looking for something in the $600 price range used. Absolutely great metal amps.

Personally I think you could do better than Dean.

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