People always make fun of people who talk about their picks, but why? What picks you use make a huge difference on playability and sound. For example my 3.0mm Big Stubby picks have a really bright attack and are probably the easiest to play with, but the 1.9mm Clayton Black Jazz picks are my favorite because of the way they sound.

To summarize, they DO make a difference.
Well of course they make a difference. Thats why people like myself prefer thin picks over heavy ones. I use .60s for everything. Just versatile, and they give a different sound thatn 3 mm.
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That they do. Currently I'm using Fender Mediums but I was really into heavy picks for a while. Now not so much.
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deponds on what im playing.
when i play metal or punk stuff i prefer heavy picks.

but when im playing acoustic i prefer thin to medium picks.
i like jim dunlop picks.
i use steel picks sometimes, usually only for distorted stuff tho, they squeek and scratch when you play clean, i also use dunlop jazz III if you hit notes with em just right they sound real big
Clayton 1.6's are great for shredding cause thier small and hard, but for everything else I use .60 tortex the red ones, GREAT PICS
Strait up Fender Mediums here. I have never been picky about what picks I use.
I use a .96 Dunlop pink pick, and i love them. Different sized picks definately make a different sound.
Tortex 0.77. I'm trying to find a shop where I can buy every Tortex between 0.50 and 0.77...

BTW, if you every consider buying Dunlop Delring (the tortoise has a 500 on the shell), don't do it. They are utter crap because they stick to your fingers like glue!