I'm selling my Line 6 Spider II
I've really got my mind set on a peavey envoy 110
is there anything in general I should take into warning with the peavey. Or if its worth it?
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Quote by metallicat420
I got a Peavey 212 JSX and its a great amp
Those are two completely different amps, and yes, you can go wrong with a peavey. I don't know much about the Envoy, but I've tried some of peaveys small SS amps, and really wasn't impressed at all... have you tried one yet?
i have the rage 158 and is bassicaly the smaller version (i think) and has pretty good cleans but the distortion is terrible. it has way to much feedback. dependes what you want to play. but i would suggest (and your probably going to hear this alot) the vox valvetronix ad30vt. great amp.

what's your budget and what kind of music do you play?
Going from a spider to a cheap Peavey isn't a step forwards, it's a step sideways. Save your dollars for a tube amp or at least a nice modeling amp. (Cube, Valvetronix).
no, spider to peavey is definitely forward, unless you want brutal, brain-bashing steal-your-college-degree education.
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Cheap amps are "that bad". They suck up your tone like cocaine at Kate Moss' party.

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I agree with the step sideways talk
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im getting the C-1 Hellraiser Baritone and replacing the EMG 81 with my Zakk Wylde EMG 81

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