do i need a head for them to work or can i use em with just the cabient them self!?!?!?! .....thanks
You need a head in order to use the cabs. The head needs to consist of a preamp and power amp, most often sold together in one unit, however sometimes they are sold seperately and can confuse some buyers about what they need.
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The cabinet is just a SPEAKER cabinet. Seriously...you know where you keep your plates and dishes and stuff? A cabinet. Only you keep speakers in this one..

So yes, you do need a head to get sound out of the cabinet.

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Make sure the cabinet has a larger wattage than the head though, otherwise it will blow up (so I've been told). For example, my cabinet is 210, whilst my head is 180.

And yes, like what the other guys have said before me, you do need a head in order for the cabinet to work.

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