hey whats up,
i have a carvin DC400 with and OFR bridge. i am looking to change out the seymour duncans to something else. My main question is, what quality do koa give a guitar. I definetly want an SD jazz in the neck(or something of the sort) to give me the very full cleans. I was thinking mabye an SD Invader, or an Dimarzio X2n for the bridge. i NEED a good cruchy, full, cut-through tone as i am a lead guitarist in a band. My amp is Mesa Boogie F-30. any suggestions would be appreciated. i want to stay away from EMG's!! My price range is roughly $150. However if i don't have to spend that much i don't want to. Some tones that i like are: Protest the Hero(distortion), Mark Tremonti(clean).

any othe suggestions would be highly appreciated.
thanks in advance.