So apparently my friend was having sex with his gf, and after they finished, she wanted it again, and he accidentally stuck it in her ass. She HAD to have noticed, but she didn't say anything to him, and he had started going for a few minutes before he realized. This can't be a true story can it????
lol @ t3h surprise butt$eckz
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Accidentally? Guys don't do things like that accidentally.
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No, no it cant be true... How would he not notice he was in the silky lubrication of a vagina?

EDIT - Of course I meant, WASN'T in the sillky lube...etc /.
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well its obviously not true, because unless shes some kind of anal ***** whos poop chute is like wizard sleeve, it takes a good bit easing to get in (unless your a sick rapist and shes screaming in pain)
what the ****?
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You can't not notice someone sticking it in your pooper, or sticking it in someone's pooper. So I'm pretty sure he's a liar
nah, its all bull. anyway, you dont just liek, stick it in their ass right away. otherwise, they turn around and slapp the shit out of you for soemthing we call

buttsecks tearing

and i would not ever wanna experience it. ever. ow.
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He was sober....I dunno how it happened...

That's what they all say.
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It's happened to me before, but I was also severely inebriated.

Ive already apologized for that.
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funny.... ive heard a rumor about some kid doing this at my school...

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Ive already apologized for that.

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Yeah one of my friends did this, and she had to be a *****
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I should patent buttsecks, then everytime it is said to make money (for example on tv), I'd get money. To bad that phrase isn't worth a penny, I don't know how it would be used so it's spelled out that way, and they'd just take off the 'c' just so they could use it for free.
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I guarantee she noticed, but if it slipped right in then 2 things are true...

1. She has a fairly loose anus

2. His dick was well lubricated from her vagina

And because it went in so easily it is possible he wouldn't notice.

I don't really believe it, but if it is true, then good for him, cause it means his girlfriend likes buttsecks!!