So ive been looking forever, and i think i have finally figured out my set up.

Epiphone Les Paul Joe Perry Boneyard (gibson burstbucker 2 and 3's)- Marshall Jackhammer Dist Pedal (modded for true bypass)- Fulltone OCD disortion pedal- Orange Tiny Terror and 1x12 cabinet.

Anyone have any comments or other suggestions?

i already have the LP and jackhammer.
Nice choice with the OCD. Great pedal.
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the reason for the Jackhammer is cuz it can get some higher gain sounds like a jcm800 or 2000. a Fulltone OCD is more marshall Plexi tone.
Quote by Nolly
The OCD is an overdrive. And a very nice one at that

Right on. It's just that he said distortion in the first post.