i actually hate that style of music, but...
its not bad, tho the stop bugs me. try playing the A# chord twice, see if you like how it sounds.
like, instead of A#, rest, muted, muted
go A#, A#, muted, muted
pretty neat dude, it is.. REALLY repetitive, I really suggest that the 2nd guitar, does a lil riffing, or i think in the verses it could do some harmonizing with the lead guitar, or lil something to spice it up, a lil work with a second guitar, and i think you could have a decent lil song, but it does need work. The Chorus also need a lil something to separate it from the rest, cause its chord progression is so similar, so maybe think about that :-p
i liked it, it was repetitive but it didnt get on my nerves like most repetitive songs do, it was quite catchy. the drums sounded good, fitted with the song well. i agree with skaguitarist182, you need to do more with your rhythm guitar, throwing in a couple extra riffs to compliment the main riff wouldnt do no harm

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Well, it's repetitive, but i think that together with singing, this song would be very good. I must say it, this song is pretty nice to my ears, the riffs are repetitive, but not annoying. Plus for that. I think that you should change:
- The pauses between the riffs in the intro and the outro. Instead of making those short pauses, you could make the last chord ring. That's my suggestion.
- Add a new riff.
- Change the last riffs in the outro. It ends suddenly. I don't like that.

Hmm... there's no solo too, but i think it's good without a guitar solo. This song doesn't need that. Just more variation with the riffs. Overall, it was nice to hear this song.

Btw. Thanx for rating my song.
You did repeat alot, I think maybe some rhythm variations would be nice and maybe some riffage would make it a little bit more interesting to listen to. Although, perhaps with vocals it'd be alot better.

I like your progression, although I think there could have been a little more variation in that, maybe a change of the first 2 chords in the chorus.

Overall it's a fairly good piece but there's nothing that would keep bringing me back to listen to it again and again. 7/10

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