Does anyone share the crave for the actiony game of paintball like I do? I prefer speedball over woodsball. I'm on a rookie team and we're playing in the New England Paintball League.
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yeah dude paintball is awesome.
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Ive been paintballing in the woods (with specifically designed courses) numerous times. To be honest i think its awesome. I love the adrenaline. But im not on any teams or anything, but its great fun with mates.
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I've been twice, once in England that wasnt so good (courses were pants and bodged) second time was in southen Ireland and it was bloody great. had a huge woodland all to ourselfs and I killed me a few Irish
Yeah, i must say i have a pretty sweet setup im trying to get rid of as well. Tippmann 98, w/ response trigger, halo parts hopper, brand new bolt, 14" barrell, pod harness, 4 pods, 2 tanks, 2 masks, stock hopper. (ALL of the stock parts have been switched out and the shell is all thats left stock). If youre interested. Id like to get $300 for it but im open to offers and trades. I got pics of it too if u want. All in all i probably spent about $700 on all this gear im trying to get rid of. I payed 150 for the gun, 100 for the hopper, 150 for the response and to have a guy install it, $40 for the bolt, $40 for the barrell, $30 each for the masks, about $40 on the tanks combined. Another $50 for tank remote and pod harness. Then theres the small things like the case, bag, and other misc stuff that i have laying around.
EDIT: PM Me if interested.
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yeah, i play when i get a chance. i haven't done it in about a year, i need to soon.
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Yeah, I love it. I once shot a guy square in the chest, right in between the nipples. I should of aimed for each one, but oh well.
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I agree, i always help people up. At the last show we all protected this little kid who was tying his shoe in the middle of the pit.

Hell yeah man, speedballs where its at.

The rush is great

How the hell do you get shot through the mask...get a mask that doesnt have paintball sized holes, that would be the smart thing to do..
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I've only played a few times, and haven't been in a year and a half, but I'm playing woodsball with some guys from work in a couple weeks. Hopefully it's as fun as I remember.
I'm not serious about it, especially after a recent incident with TSN in which I was watching professional paintball...like what the hell is the snake? If they're that serious they may as well join the army...unless of course they've been discharged already...other then that it looks really stupid to be playing it so serious...
I used to play alot, but now I've kinda drifted away from it. Supposed to be playing Saturday with some friends (first time in like a year) but I'd rather spend time with my GF. I have an Ion, Nitrous tank, C02 tank, and a tippman 98, and a speedloader hopper. Im thinking about selling my gear, and I have a flatline barrel.
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I used to play. I gave it up about 6 months ago. I played D-2 psp/cfoa. It was just to much money at that stage and really there was no rewards for playing at that high of a level. To me guitar is much more satisfying. But back in the day paintball ruled my life, its so addicting (the lifestyle).

By the way im selling over $5000 in gear if anyone is interested pm me.
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I've only paintballed once, but I really enjoyed it.
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Played for about 3 years and still do sortof, I'm moving to Tyson's Corner, VA soon though and leaving all my team mates behind

We played SCPFOA, but I've been to some big events like WC and such.
I used to have a dragunfire (spyder knockoff with electronic tigger frame.) I sold it because it was getting too expensive, expecially to speedball.
Paintball is the shit.

We do it indoors in a gym that never gets cleaned though.
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