I'm a beginner. Been playing for about 6 months... working my way through what I call the boring stuff... still learning chords and exercising my fingers to get them fluent with the positions, and still fingering my way through scales and trying to get cleaner and faster, etc, etc,etc..

At times I find myself getting bored, and I listen to the radio... listening for something cool to excite me..

I found a cool place to hear cool little riffs without all the background stuff...

just go to musiciansfriend.com (or your favorite supplier), go to the effects pedals link, and listen to the sound bites they give. Most of them are pretty cool.

Just my two cents from a beginner.
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Cause I'm tired of playing the air guitar.
Listen to older music, so much good stuff from the 70s and 80s that gets forgotten because most people just listen to Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash and all that copy and paste kinda stuff. Sometimes alot of things which arent necessarily considered "guitar music" have really interesting guitar parts in them.

Build up your ear, learn loads of chords and the different sounds and textures. Work things out yourself, its so easy to just go on a forum and ask someone "Which chord goes with this chord" but its much more satisfying and educational to work it out yourself.

Dont get wrapped up in technique, unless you want to play Shred sort of stuff - you'll develop all the technique you need through just playing every day and enjoying yourself. Alot of people let their technique develop quicker than their musical skills which leads them to just playing scale shapes and thinking thats music. Its more healthy to have your technique and musical skills building up together and to achieve a balance between the two.
It would be like somebody saying, "I don't want to use words to talk, I want to just go by feel, I want to rub my penis all over them. I don't want to talk" - John Frusciante's view on people who don't want to learn music theory
Listening to virtuoso guitar music is fun because it is so well constructed most of the time- those guys really know how to put together a tune.

Try downloading the song "Valley of Eternity" by Marty Friedman. Some really beautiful melodies in there.