Dane Cook is famous for his creative intros. Anyone have some good ones for a show?
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Don't say hi or anything, just start playing. That's the main hint. Introduce yourselves after you're proved you rock, then they'll be more interested in listening to you.
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Don't say hi or anything, just start playing. That's the main hint. Introduce yourselves after you're proved you rock, then they'll be more interested in listening to you.

I do that everytime...

A certain dose of mystery keeps the audience clamoring for more... Mehehe...
Just watch the killswitch engage dvd and listen to some of the stuff that the guitarist Adam D. says. That guy is freakin hilarious. Being as the singer is black he once said " This song is about a time when howard's pants fell down. It's called As Darkness Falls."
or something like that but he is funny.
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Dana Cook has great intros for terrible material.
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At the start of a gig, we always play this intro riff we made up. It's just some simple chords, and one guy does a solo over the top, and we get the singer clapping his hands to get the audience going. It actually works really well.

We did a mock-up recording of the song we use on our MySpace. Check it out.

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For my band we turn out the lights and we have this ambient recording in the background, with microsoft sam saying random phrases that everyone in the band is known for saying buried under the music. About half way through it we have feedback and noise start coming in with our instruments. Toward the end our drummer counts us in with some high hats and we launch into our music, which is anything but ambient and it kind of throws people who haven't heard us into a loop and pulls them in.
Dane Cook Isn't that funny

Start playing your first song with the lights out, then when the chorus part comes turn them on and keep them on.
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If your first song has an intro where the drummer counts in, the guitars hit say a chord, then it rings for a bar, have the lights out at first, then the drummer counts in, and as you hit the chord, the lights turn on. Then he counts four with his sticks, and the rest of the song continues. Like how Guns N' Roses always play Nightrain live.
My band uses 'Chameleon' as our intro. I introduce us and make silly little small talk, then my guitar player hits some dissonance chords and we go straight into the music.

It's quite funny and unexpected.
Like Coheed and Cambria have for their albums, something different from the rest of the music that's kinda like a movie intro.
Brazlian Grooves in the same key as your starting song

Then walk on, play the first 3 songs then introducing yourself and the rest of the band

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