Alright, i'm debating whether to go on a spending rampage on ebay or not, so i need some advice..like usual.

I play emo, screamo, metalcore, metal (most any type), and then lighter stuff like AC/DC, Strokes, Muse, Nirvana.

Right now i run either a Ibanez GRG170DX or AS73G through a GT30. I'm looking into buying a Peavey Classic amp of some sort relatively soon from a friend. Both guitars have 10's on them, but once i replace the PU's in the GRG i'm putting on 12's.

I'm rhythm guitar, but i sometimes play lead. I don't want something that will sound horrible and make my soul cry. Good tone, and relatively easy to setup and transport. Also, i'd like them to be very reliable.

ok, from all that, which effects setup do you UGer's think would suit me the best? I have a DS-2 and RP80, but they don't quite go with what i play now.

so the question is...

Seperate pedals? or Multi-effects pedal?


I want actual experience with any pedal you suggest, explain why it would suit me, and how it's better than the other one with GOOD REASON!

EDIT: If you suggest a pedalboard, could you give me some pedals that would be
good for what i play?
Same with multi-effects, only give one though, since...yeah.
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Put together a decent pedalboard. Its more worth it in the long run.
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build up a pedal board, seperate pedals are always better. and stop playing emo and screamo

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Defenitly a pedalboard.
You have a much greater cntrol over your tone with individual pedals, plus multiple effects at the smae time dont sound like shit like with a processer.

Pedalboard for the win imo.
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yeh. multi-effects just sound crappy... especially when compared to individual pedals.
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i also say to save your money and get separate pedals. the multi-effects pedals sound way too digital and computerized. i dont know which ones to get, you should probably go down to guitar center or something and test some out. Boss makes good pedals.
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i say go analog and add up individuals.
im not saying multi-effects are bad, but i like'em
and i say MXR makes good pedals. MXR>Boss imo >=]
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Soon after I started playing guitar I bought myself a Digitech GNX4 multi-fx unit, and it was exactly what I needed at that point. It allowed me to experiment with a huge range of fx and amp models, and I learned a lot through it. BUT after a year or so, I realised that I had found the sounds I was looking for and that I simply didn't use the vast majority of the features. From then on, I've used individual pedals, and have found myself getting rid of them to get the simplest effective rig I can. But that's just me.

Now I don't know how long you've had your RP80, but if you have an idea for what sounds you like, then I would seriously suggest getting individual pedals. Yes, it's more expensive, but a dedicated pedal will pretty much always sound better than a unit that's trying to do everything (until you get into the serious rack equipment that is, but leave that to the pros).

The styles of music you've listed may all be rock, but there's a lot of ground to cover between them. I'm not going to give you a list of pedals, because I don't know exactly what you're looking for from them, but ff you're going with pedals, then I would suggest getting an EQ pedal somewhere in there.
first question---->: is there any site to set up a pedalboard online, and hear the effects
together? And to see if they all work together?

second------>: all pedals can be put together on a pedalboard, right? It doesn't matter
order or anything; one effect won't turn off because you have another one
beside it that is it's polar opposite?
I think Boss have some sort of Virtual Pedalboard on their website, but it only lets you use a few of their pedals and even then only certain combinations. Your best bet is to find a well-stocked shop-they often have a chain of pedals set-up that you can play around with.

No pedals will switch each other off, but the order can make a change to the sound (ie if you have an OD running into a delay, you can get either a distorted echo, or an echo of a distorted sound, depending on the order if you get what I'm saying). Some people will have you believe that there is a "correct" order, but it's worth playing around for yourself. Often modulation effects (except wahs), EQ and delays are put in the fx loop, but again there's no cut-and-dry rule for it. Paul gilbert for example, runs his whole pedalboard into the front of the amp, delays, eqs and all...
I'll tell you this...I've used analog boxes, digital boxes, and multi-fx, and they all have their benefits. After playing guitar and building pedalboards and setups for other people for several years, I just wanted something simple that still sounded great. At the time I was using a Fender Twin Reverb reissue with a giant pedalboard, and the setup sounded great, but just wasn't working for me in terms of portability and simplicity (I'd rather play than worry if my DS-1 is going to go out or if one of my patch cables is going to fail). I got the GT-8 because it's a quality unit, and the sounds are great.

There are reasons why digital sounds different, but there are ways of working with that medium that can yield stellar results. All the different processors are basically doing the same thing, but they don't do it the same way (different technologies). I can get more flexibility out of my GT-8 than I can out of a ton of stomp boxes simply because something like the DS-1 or H20 Chorus/Echo doesn't let me re-invent how the effect works...with the GT-8, I can do that.

There are aspects of the GT-8 that I'm not satisfied with, and I have a couple of stomps to make up for that, but it is not a problem with the unit, it's simply a matter of preference. Try out something like the GT-8 and see if it chimes with you. I'll say it like this...almost everyone will tell you the 5150 is a great amp, but that doesn't mean that you'll find a sound you like in it. And when almost everyone is telling you that "digital sucks"...does it not stand to reason that you should give it a try anyway to see how you feel about it?

As far as your needs....the GT-8 is at the same time the easiest box on the planet, and harder than chinese algebra to figure out. I had to re-adjust my entire way of thinking about guitar tones to use this box, which really wasn't a bad thing. You CANNOT approach something like the GNX or GT-8 with the idea that the controls and settings will respond just like the real thing that is being modeled or compare it to an analog device...it just won't work that way. You'll need to understand concepts like unity gain and level matching, but once you get into those ideas, you'll be able to improve your tone accross the board with all effects and amps you encounter.

I could go on, but I'll let the threadstarter respond with any questions.
i was considering the GT-8, actually. I saw the band Driver Side Impact use one, and they are pretty much what my band plays, and also several other bands around my area use similar pedals like that.

I've got my eye on a few indie pedals right now...Digitech Metal Master, Boss GE-7, Boss OD-2.

not sure if i should stop there, and buy the GT-8 (i found one relatively cheap). Or just keep buying indie pedals.
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There you go, my opinion.
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+1 on what twostring said, although I went with a PODxtLive over the GT-8. It's popular to just say "multi's are crap" but both of those units are capable of some great sounds if you learn to program them correctly and use them with the right amp. I ditched most of my individual pedals a couple of years ago and my sound has never been better. Plus, there's no way you can change your sound so completely with one stomp using indivdual stompboxes. When I change from my rhythm patch to my lead patch I change my volume, compression, EQ settings and add delay with one stomp. By preprogramming all my sounds into patches I can change absolutely any aspect of my sound instantly, it gives me an amount of control I could never have with individual stomps. It takes a fair amount of time to learn to program them correctly but it's been totally worth it to me.
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I agree with fatgreymatt.
This multi's are "crap" arguement is usually spouted by noobs who dont know what there on about (Like so much on here unfortunately). Yes there are individual pedals which sound better than the digital equivalents, spring reverb etc but there are many rack effects units which sound excellent. I bet most of those harping on about how crap multis are go out and spend a load of cash on one pedal then stick it between a crap copy guitar and a 15 watt Marshall MG.

Imho the main consideration on the multis v stomp boxes is one of convienience, ease of use and how fussed you are about using effects.

One last point I bet most of the effects you hear on cd were added by an engineer in a studio who used a digital multi.
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One last point I bet most of the effects you hear on cd were added by an engineer in a studio who used a digital multi.

Yup yup...but sadly, their processors are so far out of reach. Eventide H8000 anyone?